"Mindfulness Teacherin Primary Schools"

Online Professional Learning Course

Our "Teach Mindfulness in Primary Schools" Online professional learning course helps teachers/educators learn how to teach effective mindfulness to primary school students. This includes both mindfulness meditation and other mindfulness activities.

This course is 100% online, and you can complete at your own pace, whenever you like.

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"Teach Mindfulness in Primary Schools" - online course

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What do we cover in the course?

- What is mindfulness and what is meditation?

- What are the benefits for primary school students?

- The negativity bias of our brain
- The MPS mindfulness meditation sequence
- Practical and engaging mindfulness activities

- Implementing mindfulness sessions, including managing challenging behaviour

- The MPS Curriculum and how it links to the WA Curriculum
- Video Certification

No mindfulness/meditation experience is necessary, but an open mind is required.
The online course also includes:
  • E-books for every year level from K-6, with a huge range of mindfulness meditations and activities, all linked to the WA Curriculum. Click here for a sample.
  • Digital resources, such as printable posters and logos. Click here for samples.
  • 5 hours of content that you can complete at your own pace.
  • Assessment via video certification and quizzes
  • Certificate on successful completion of video assessment
This online professional development course relates to the AITSL standards:
- 4.2 - Maintain student safety (support student wellbeing)
- 4.3 - Manage challenging behaviour
- 6.2 - Engaging in professional learning and improve practice
Price- $299 AUD
Group Discounts - Book 5 or more at one time and save! Only $249 AUD per person. Email hello@mindfulprimaryschools.com.au for more info.
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