Mindful Primary Teacher PL Workshop

You will:

  • learn how to effectively teach mindfulness lessons to primary school students (Pre-Primary to Year 6)

  • gain insight into what the latest research says about mindfulness in primary schools

  • develop a bank of nature-inspired mindfulness lessons that are linked to the WA Curriculum, are engaging, able to be taught inside or outside, take 10-15 minutes and require minimal planning/resources

  • receive training in implementing mindfulness in your classroom, including managing disruptive behaviour

  • practise a range of mindfulness activities, including meditations and mindful movement

  • engage in some self-care by beginning to develop your own personal mindfulness practice. This will help enhance your own wellbeing, reduce stress and enable you to become an authentic and effective school mindfulness teacher


It's suitable for:

  • primary school and early childhood teachers (Pre-Primary to Year 6)

  • relief teachers (Pre-Primary to Year 6)

  • education assistants (Pre-Primary to Year 6)

  • deputy/associate principals and principals of primary schools

  • educators (Pre-Primary to Year 6)

It's perfect for both newcomers to mindfulness/meditation, and those with some level of experience.

Workshop attendees receive:

📙 a hard-copy of the Mindful Primary Schools Lesson Book for your chosen year level (you can select the year level when you register), containing 20+ mindfulness lesson plans, all linked to the WA Curriculum

💻 digital, printable MPS Lesson Books for ALL year levels, including 20+ lessons per year (PP-Y6)

📘 an MPS workbook

 bonus digital resources, such as printable posters for your classroom

📜 'Mindful Primary Teacher' certification on successful completion of the workshop and the meditation journal (essentially a brief record of your own meditation practice following the workshop, to be completed within 4-8 weeks, as mindfulness/meditation is largely experiential)

🍓 wholesome (and delicious) lunches, snacks, fruit, smoothies, juices, teas and coffee


AITSL Standards

This professional learning/professional development course links to many AITSL standards, including:

2.1 - Content and teaching strategies of the teaching area

3.3 - Use teaching strategies

4.2 - Maintain student safety (support student wellbeing)

4.3 - Manage challenging behaviour

6.2 - Engaging in professional learning and improve practice


What you'll need to bring:

a pen and a highlighter

🩳 clothing that is comfortable, that you can easily move around in (what you might exercise or walk in). A jumper/jacket is also recommended, incase you get cold.

👟 footwear (such as runners/flats) that you can walk in outside (there will be a short, gentle nature walk)

👒 a hat & sunscreen (also for the nature walk)

🧘‍♀️ a yoga or exercise mat if you have one (we have some spares if you don't)


Certification & Time

The Mindful Primary Teacher PL is a two-day workshop. Both days need to be completed in full (in addition to the Meditation Journal, which takes 4-8 weeks to complete) for certification.

Day 1 - Start 8:45am. Finishes around 3pm.

Day 2 - Start 8:45am. Finishes around 3pm.



Technology Park Function Centre

2 Brodie Hall Drive, Bentley, WA



There is ample FREE all-day parking on site (you're able to park in the main carpark of the venue, where the signs say "PRIVATE LAND AUTHORISED PARKING ONLY"). In the extremely unlikely event the carpark is full, there is free overflow parking on the grass also.


Food and Drinks


Lunches, snacks, fruit, smoothies, juices, teas and coffee are provided for both days.

The food and drinks are like what you would see at a good wellness/meditation/yoga retreat - wholesome, healthy and delicious. There will be a wide range of lunch options (some of which will be vegan/vegetarian, some not). If you have any specific dietary requirements, please mention this when you book.

There is also a coffee shop on premise at Technology Park Function Centre if you do require anything else.




The price for the 2-day workshop is A$450 (Incl. GST).


Discounts available for groups (3 or more), pre-service teachers and those under extreme financial stress - email mike@mindfulprimaryschools.com.au


Cancellations & Refunds

If you cancel 7 days or more from the start of the event, you can either transfer your credit to the next workshop (email mike@mindfulprimaryschools.com.au) or you can request a full refund on Eventbrite. For a full refund, follow the steps in Part "1"of this page

If you cancel less than 7 days from the start of the event, you can transfer your credit to the next workshop, but there is no refund available unfortunately. Email mike@mindfulprimaryschools.com.au to organise credit for the next course. This must be done BEFORE the course starts to receive this credit.

In the event of a COVID outbreak that results in full or partial lockdown in Perth for the event dates, the workshop will be rescheduled to a later date. You can choose to transfer your credit to the next workshop, or can have a full refund (we will email you to ask which you prefer).


Got Questions?

Email mike@mindfulprimaryschools.com.au and Mike will get back to you soon!

The next workshop is...


July 14-15, 2021.

Technology Park Function Centre, Bentley, WA.

Upcoming Workshops

A 2-day mindfulness professional learning workshop to help you effectively teach mindfulness in primary schools (PP-Y6) & improve their (and your) wellbeing.

This evidence-based, non-religious mindfulness training is suitable for both newcomers to mindfulness/meditation, and the more experienced. The only requirement is that you come with an open mind.

The workshop is presented by Michael Batskos; Perth primary school teacher, certified mindfulness facilitator, yoga teacher and founder of Mindful Primary Schools.