Mindful Primary Schools Certification

Some mindfulness courses assess you through multiple choice quizzes only. These are ok to check understanding, but we think you deserve some quality feedback. So our online course also includes video assessment for certification. This sounds scary, which feedback often is, but feedback is the stuff of champions! It makes you better at what you do. It also ensures quality - Certified MPS Mindfulness Teachers are highly effective mindfulness teachers!


For certification you teach a mindfulness meditation from the E-manual in front of a camera (E.g your phone or laptop camera). These are (typically 10-15 minutes in length. This can be in an actual class with students present (but with no student faces visible on the video for privacy reasons) or it can be an imaginary class with just yourself. Once your video is uploaded for assessment, within a week you will receive either a 'pass' or 'resubmit', and if you do get 'resubmit', don't worry, you can keep trying until you get a 'pass', at no additional cost.

Tips for Certification


- Look at the students (or imaginary students) as much as possible when you are speaking. Eye contact is important - the more the better. It's ok to read the meditation section that is scripted from "close your eyes" to "open your eyes" as the students will likely have their eyes closed here anyway. Obviously you will still need to still look up every now and then in this section to check on the students though.

- If you are teaching to imaginary students, the discussion questions still need to be asked, but obviously there will be no answer. Try to respond to imaginary answers and behaviour also, like "That's right Mary, we get better at something with practise" or "great whole-body listening Bob". Use your imagination!

- You can record the video with any device you like (mobile phone, iPad, Laptop etc, but ensure your device has ample storage for 10-15 minutes of video

- Ensure the video is clear and well-lit. If you can't see your eyes clearly in the video, you will need to do it again.

- Ensure the audio is clear. We can't pass you if we can't hear what you're saying.


At the end of the online course, you are able to upload a video in order to be assessed for certification. Once you have recorded the video (on your phone etc), the preferred way upload it is on YouTube as a PRIVATE video, then email the link.

Make sure that:

- your name is in the title of the video

- you selected 'Private'

- that you email the link to hello@mindfulprimaryschools.com.au

For steps on how to do this on YouTube, visit https://strangershow.com/how-to-upload-private-video-on-youtube/

Once you have done all of this and got your certificate, you can delete this video.

There are alternative ways to upload if required - email hello@mindfulprimaryschools.com.au if you need support and we'd be happy to help.


- There must be no student faces on the video. If the video contains a student's face or partial face that is not blurred in some way, you will be asked to resubmit. This is to protect the privacy of your students.

- When you email the link to Mindful Primary Schools, the only person who will view the video on our end will be Michael Batskos and/or another assessor. The assessor will not share this with any other third-party, unless it is required by law or we have asked for your consent. But please make sure the uploaded video is on PRIVATE in YouTube, otherwise it is accessible by anyone.